5 Reasons Why Gaming Chairs Make the Best Gifts for Gamers

Finding the best gift for gamers is a problem. We've got just the thing.

Looking for a gift for gamers can be its own kind of pure holiday heck. 

First, you cycle through the obvious gamer gift ideas: “What’s the newest system? A Switch? A PS5?” And then you find out they either camped out in subzero temperatures to snag one on the doorbuster or, more likely, there’s no way to buy one without taking out several high interest loans.

Next, you try the games. “What’s the hottest game out there? Isn’t that new Halo dropping this month?” Yes, it is, but your gamer daughter or son or cousin or friend knows this, too, and has already pre-ordered the Ultra Deluxe Limited Special Mega Game of the Year Edition with the custom case.

So then you surrender. You buy them a gift card or a gamer logo t-shirt and hope against hope that you’ll do better next year.

No. No. You’re better than that. You can show them that you not only care about them as gamers, but as human beings with spines and postures and good taste. You can indeed give the perfect gift for gamers: a Luxe Master gaming chair. Here’s why it will work.


Of course your gamer has every new system that’s come out in the past 5 years. Of course they have all the hottest games. They have 14 different alerts to notify them if Sony coughs on the way to bathroom. They know all the rumors and, face it, without a huge amount of luck, you’re not going to get them something they don’t already have or be able to get before you. 

So pick your battles, think outside of the (game and console) box. If you really want the best gift for your gamer, let them enjoy that Halo Infinite title screen from the comfort and support of a new Luxe Master.


Whether it’s your partner, kid, sibling, friend, or arch-rival, you want the gamer in your life to know that you know them well. You want them to know that thoughtfulness and careful consideration went into choosing the right gift. You want them to know this gift is just for them. Luxe Master offers 6 different models with a HUGE selection of colors to choose from to fit their body type and style. Need something sleek and speedy? The Luxe Master Racer ready for breakneck speed. Need a big gaming chair for a big guy? The Ultra Max is large and in charge. The gamer you love will know you were thinking of them specifically, and the gamer you hate will be confused that you’d gift them this level of comfort, and on edge waiting for a trap to spring. See? The perfect gift for any gamer.


There may not be a more game-filled day on the calendar than Christmas morning. You can expect your gamer to be posted in front of the monitor for the next 12 - 1000 hours appreciating the rewards of finding themselves on the “nice” list. What could add to the enjoyment of all the gaming gifts they’ve received? An ergonomic Luxe Master from which to enjoy their yuletide spoils, that’s what. It’s one thing to dive into a new adventure over the holiday weekend, but quite another much better thing to immerse yourself in conflict or co-op gameplay. Anybody can give a gift, but only the true giver can give a gift for the gamer that gives good gaming...ok, we ran out of G-words. TL;DR: a gaming chair will make their holiday gaming better. 


Most gaming gifts aren’t luxurious.

“I got you the luxurious new Zelda game!” 

“You’re going to love this luxurious gift card!”

“I got you these luxurious new decals for your console.” 

See how weird that sounds?

Now try this: 

“Now you can fulfill your destiny, my champion. With your new Luxe Master Ultra Max, you can game in the luxury that you deserve.”

That doesn’t sound weird AT ALL. They’ll probably start drinking Dr. Pepper from a chalice and scattering rose petals in the hallway. Point being, if you can game in luxury, you must game in luxury. And luxury gaming is what Luxe Master brings to the holiday party.


Gift cards get spent. Games get beaten. Consoles get upgraded and replaced. But a high quality throne from which to rule their digital kingdom is a gift that your gamer will appreciate when they’re old and grey. Luxe Master’s 3-year manufacturer’s warranty makes sure their reign lasts long into the future. Iron thrones are so 2019. The rulers of 2021 and beyond demand high quality automotive grade steel and molded foam. Long live the perfect gift for gamers.  

In conclusion...

Now you see why gaming chairs are the perfect gifts for gamers: Originality. Customizability. Enhancement. Luxury. Longevity. There’s obviously no better gift to show the gamer in your life that you really care about their happiness than a sleek, modern Luxe Master gaming chair. And isn’t happiness what the holidays are all about?