The company

Luxe Master brings decades of experience building furniture for demanding environments. Add in top talent from some of the best design schools on the planet and you have a recipe for next-level luxury performance in the gaming chair space.




The Moment

After decades of manufacturing furniture for stadiums, arenas, airport terminals, corporate boardrooms, and other high-demand environments, the Luxe Master team charted a course to utilize their expertise in the fast growing world of e-sports.

After scouring the commercial and consumer furniture landscape for a quality option, the team recognized an ugly truth about the gaming chair segment: most of the gaming chairs out there were just cheap office chairs with a thin veneer of gaming aesthetic over shoddy engineering.

They knew there was a better way to serve not only this customer, but an entire community that wanted and needed true luxury performance.

And so luxe master was born.

The process

Luxe Master purchased the most popular gaming chairs and literally tore them apart. They found a veritable greatest hits of how not to build a quality product for American gamers: sloppy stitching, toxic dyes, weak fabric, flimsy metal, and squishy rough-cut foam that gave these so-called gaming chairs all the support of a wet donut.

To build the Luxe Master product line, the team leaned on its commercial furniture DNA as well as lessons from other segments like performance cars and high-end executive seating. Step one? A solid foundation: a base frame and chassis made of automotive-grade steel, with a wheelbase broad enough to resist tipping. Interfaces between major components utilized thicker plates and wider diameter tubes to promote extreme stability. They designed the seating area to be wide enough to provide comfort to a range of body types, from the heaviest tank to the leanest glass cannon.

Next, Luxe Master made the decision to only use custom-molded foam in the body of every chair. Unlike the significantly cheaper cut foam, molded foam offers superior shape retention and adheres more cohesively to the frame, leading to greater durability and—just as importantly—keeping the silhouette of the chair intact.

Finally, Luxe Master chose a range of innovative, ultra-durable, environmentally friendly fabrics to cover each model , with colors and aesthetic details to match every preference.


Luxe Master is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, home of the country's fastest municipal internet, a thriving startup scene, and an entrepreneurial spirit that stretches back more than a century.

An unlikely place to find the gaming chair you always wanted?


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