Top 5 Reasons You Should Play AND Work from Your Gaming Chair

When you choose the best gaming chair around, it’ll have the quality and support you need to pull double (or triple!) duty. 

For many of us, gaming is life. However, if you’re not lucky enough to be a pro gamer or a Twitch sensation, you’ve gotta find a way to keep the bills paid when you’re not gaming. That being said, there’s literally no reason why your gaming chair shouldn’t double as your desk chair! 

In fact, we’ve got a slew of reasons why you should actually work and play from the same amazing gaming chair. It just so happens that Luxe Master had this work-hard-play-hard idea in mind from the very beginning—after all, when you choose the best gaming chair around, it’ll have the quality and support you need to pull double (or triple!) duty. 

Here’s the 411:

Reason 1: Endless Support

Luxe Master uses automotive-grade steel frames covered with high-resiliency foam, upholstered in high-quality, non-toxic, solvent-free PVC leather in every single chair we make. Our five-star bases are solid steel, engineered to be among the most stable in the industry. On top of this excellent craftsmanship, every Luxe Master chair also comes with both neck and lumbar pillows for additional support while you work and while you play.

Reason 2: Ergonomic Design

Did you know that working from an ergonomic chair can actually reduce tension on your spine and potentially even help improve posture? When you’re pulling long hours at the desk, it’s imperative that your work set up is setting you up for success. You need to feel supported and comfortable throughout the day, and to sit in a way that prevents long-term issues or injuries. 

That’s where a Luxe Master chair comes in clutch. Each detail of our gaming chairs has been designed to provide the best possible home base for your rear end. It’s not only ideally manufactured for your hours spent gaming, but also the time you spend working at your desk.

Reason 3: Adjustability

Finding comfort in your gaming chair depends on being able to adjust the chair to suit your body and your desk. That’s why we created chairs that can be configured to meet your exact specifications. Polyurethane-coated silent casters offer smooth and quiet maneuvering, while a heavy-duty gas piston raises and lowers the chair to the perfect height. It gets better: our polyurethane-covered armrests offer height and rotation adjustments for optimum comfort on all models—plus fore-aft and rotational adjustment on Ultra models—and the heavy-duty reclining mechanism offers a wide range of support for that critical stretching out phase of the work day. Basically, once you get your chair set up, you’re not gonna want to leave it.

Reason 4: Sleek Style

All too often when it comes to furniture, you find yourself sacrificing comfort for style. Not so with Luxe Master. Sleek style, comfort, and support meld perfectly to really tick all the boxes of what you want in a gaming chair and desk chair alike—yet another reason why these chairs work well in both gaming and office environments.

Reason 5: Clout

If you’re a serious gamer, you gotta walk the talk you talk, right? So part of that—a big part of that—is making sure you have the dopest possible gaming setup starting with a killer gaming chair. You’ll have clout with all your gaming buddies and envious stares from work buddies, too. 

When it’s time to upgrade your workstation with a new chair, we know you won’t be disappointed when you go with Luxe Master. Choose your chair today!