The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer in Your Life

Here's a list of incredibly cool gifts for that special gamer in your life.

If you’re shopping for a devoted gamer this holiday season, you may find yourself wondering: “How do I select a gift—not just any gift, but the ideal gift for my game-obsessed [insert relationship noun here]?” 

You want it to be thoughtful, inventive even, something that will say “I know you, and I did not resort to buying you a gift card from Amazon.”. But where to start? Fear not, fellow procrastinator slash indecisive slash good person. We’ve put together a list of incredible gifts for the gamer in your life that will not only enhance the heck out of their fav hobby, but also show them just how much you care.

A Cool New Wireless Gaming Headset

Help that special someone take their gaming to a new level with a new wireless gaming headset. Even if you did this last year (and props to you if you did), you’ll still be able to offer them something that’s more comfortable for extended sessions,, has better audio, a superior scream-and-trash-talk-ready integrated microphone, and something that’s compatible with more than just a single console or PC. We really dig the  SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset. As with gaming chairs, you get what you pay for here, but in this case the price point gets you studio-quality, high-res lossless audio, dual connectivity via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, and freaky immersive DTS:X surround sound.. This is as close to a sure-fire gift winner as you’ll find.

Tricked Out Custom Keyboard

These days, you can customize essentially anything—*cough cough* including Luxe Master gaming chairs *cough*— so why not create a custom keyboard for the gamer you love? Choose everything from shape to colors to key height– the mechanical keyboard is having its moment, and we’re here for it. Power users like gamers find that click-clack so satisfying, so just go ahead and fill their game dens with clackity keys this year. 

A Brand New Ergonomic Luxury Gaming Chair

I mean, obviously we’re going to talk gaming chairs. Every gaming master deserves a throne, and that’s the whole reason Luxe Master Gaming Chairs exist.  Our pro-quality gaming chair boasts impeccable quality, superior ergonomics, and unmatched engineering quality from a  team with decades of experience creating furniture for the most demanding settings. Give your favorite gamer ultimate support for hours on hours of gaming. Scope the selection here, and enjoy HUGE SAVINGS throughout the holidays.. 

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

For gamers with an undying love  for LEGO, this one will be a surefire hit. LEGO created an authentic reproduction of the original NES, complete with controller, game cartridge, and even a retro 80s-style TV to really bring the nostalgia home. For those who were around when this legendary console hit the shelves, this gift will hit ‘em right in the gaming feels and buy them a trip down gaming memory lane.

DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5

If your beloved gamer somehow managed to snag a PlayStation 5 this year, then first, we need to know if we can come over. But seriously, we highly recommend snagging an extra DualSense controller this holiday season. The newest version of this classic controller is a revolutionary upgrade featuring haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in mic and headset jack for ease of use. It’s great for couch co-op and—lazy pro-tip—hot-swapping in the middle of a match when your battery wanes. Note: it is compatible with PS5 and PCs, but not the PS4. 

Cord Management Accessories

If you’re shopping for a gamer this holiday season, there’s a high possibility that they have cords on cords on cords just begging to be organized and hidden. As the internet told us: No one has the time to deal with such troubles. Say goodbye to the rat’s nest of cords with the Bluelounge CableBox. This item offers plenty of room to stow away a large surge protector, keeping all those unsightly cords perfectly concealed.


Nothing tricky here. It’s a Christmas sweater but gamey. We love the super cozy, holiday-forward sweaters from Box Lunch Gifts like this Mandalorian sweater featuring  Grogu née Baby Yoda. Ultimately, you can tap into what item would make most sense for your gamer. PlayStation hoodie? Nintendo socks? Go crazy! 

We hope these gift ideas inspire you to new gift-giving heights, and provide inspiration and motivation on your holiday shopping journey. No matter what you choose gift-wise for that video game fanatic you love, find a way to have a wonderful holiday season. Happy gaming, peeps!